Are you Amelia or Emily?

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This is like my other quiz, "Which one of my other book characters are you?". The only difference is that it's only about Amelia and Emily. You will find out which girl you are.

Are you Amy or Emy? Amy is Amelia's nickname. Emy is Emily's nickname. Let's find out which one you are today. The one you're more like could be like your sister.

Created by: xXCHILLXx

  1. You have freckles.
  2. You're good at dodgeball.
  3. You are good at dancing.
  4. Which name do you like more?
  5. Is your hair closer to dirty blonde or brown?
  6. You have a crush on a guy named Landon.
  7. Do you like puppies or kitties more?
  8. Peppermint or chocolate?
  9. You like root beer.
  10. Pick an emoji.

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Quiz topic: Am I Amelia or Emily?