Are you addicted to screens?

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Are you addicted to screens? This quiz will provide the answer to a commonly asked question. Btw there's a difference between being on screens a lot and not being able to control your urges to get on screens.

The modern age has made it much easier to lose track of time on your device, whether it's playing candy crush, watching youtube, or simply taking gotoquizzes.

Created by: McDoodleFarting
  1. How long were you on your screen before taking this quiz?
  2. How long would you say you are on your screen regularly? (Not including work, or school.)
  3. When I'm bored I..
  4. How much would you say is too much screen time?
  5. Could you go without your electronic device for a day?
  6. Is most of your life in front of a screen?
  7. What do you watch on YouTube?
  8. Do you play games a lot?
  9. Do you have a digital diary?
  10. Is your work screen-based?
  11. What activity do you do before hitting the hay?
  12. Do you set a limit on much you watch screens?
  13. How do you feel without your phone?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to screens?