Are you a werewolf quiz

So you want to find out if you are a werewolf or not. Take this awesome quiz and find out. It is a true quiz made by a werewolf herself. How cool. So like just answer all my quiestins. Hope you like it

Read this paragraph it is cool. Why do we have to write two paragraphs this sucks balls. I want to go somewhere and do something but no we have to write two pararaphs. Ps you really didn't have to read this paragraph

Created by: Goldlilly

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  1. The dreaded color question
  2. Do you like meat
  3. Fav animal
  4. Werewolves
  5. Last one
  6. Tricked ya
  7. Ou are walking and you see a wolf being killed slowly
  8. A kid is being kidnapped if you are seen transformed you will most likely get shot
  9. Cupcakes or cookies this counts as your answer
  10. Last for real what did you hink

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf quiz