Are you a Werewolf or a Vampire?

This quiz is both a tribute and it is the why to find out that if you are either a Dracul or a Lycan if there are answer that don't make sense please note that this is my first quiz

In this quiz you will find out if you either a Drucul ascendant or a Lycan warrior so I sincerely hope you enjoy this quiz and it is now I have no idea of what else to write

Created by: Vion

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a morning person?
  2. Do you like Wolves
  3. Do you feel an urge for blood?
  4. Do you feel slow in your human form?
  5. Can you hear things from a far away distance
  6. What happens when your exposed to sunlight
  7. What happens when you see a full moon?
  8. What place would you prefer to live in
  9. What name would you prefer?
  10. This question is a tribute for Yellowstone's Wolf #302M aka Black Wolf who died whilst fighting for his pack an territory (The blacktail deer plateau) from other wolve May his legacy never be forgotten

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Quiz topic: Am I a Werewolf or a Vampire?