Are You A Werewolf?

So you may have taken my vampire quiz. This is basically the same but with werewolves. If you haven't taken my vampire quiz you can do it after you take this quiz! Good luck and I hope you get a result you like!

So are you a werewolf? Or are you a human? If you get no you might be a vampire so be sure to take my other quiz afterwards! So the time has come, are YOU a werewolf? Good luck and answer truthfully!

Created by: secret8

  1. Oops! I Just Dropped The Steak That I Just Bought From The Shop!
  2. Look What I Got For My Birthday! It's A Real Silver Necklace!
  3. Its A Full Moon Tonight!
  4. Look! Theres A Bat Over There!
  5. Help! I Saw A Wolf In The Woods!
  6. The Super Market Are Doing A Two For One Offer On Steak!
  7. Guess What? Im A Vampire!
  8. Do You Belive In Werewolves?
  9. What Do You Think You Will Get?
  10. Im Stuck For Questions So Let Luck Decide!

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Quiz topic: Am I A Werewolf?