Are You a Vampire, Werewolf, or Fairy

This quiz determines if you are a vampire, werewolf, or fairy. You will answer 12 questions before your final results. Some people don't believe in these creatures. But watch out, they could just be lurking in the darkness.

Are you a vampire? Are you a werewolf? Are you a fairy? Take this quiz to find out! this is a short little quiz that is for fun. Some people believe in these questions and some people do not. Whether you do or do not, it is fine with me as long as you take this quiz.

Created by: LunaSunnyRex

  1. Do you like plants or animals better?
  2. Day or night?
  3. veggies or meat?
  4. Flora and Fauna or pain and death?
  5. Blood, meat, or flowers?
  6. When you get scratched, do you taste your blood?
  7. Pick a book.
  8. Animal and plant scientist(1), nurse that tests blood(2), or Vet(3)?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. Pick a movie.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Vampire, Werewolf, or Fairy