Are you a vampire ?

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O hi friends ! It is me ! I mean sim again . Like I said before, 'I love to make quizes' so I want to say maybe this quiz is not accurate. But thanks for taking it . I am kinda bored . So take it. Anyways,thanks for taking my other quizes. You guys are awesome. And now I am a junior. Yaaay

Back to the quiz . This quiz will tell you 'Are you a vampire?' or not . Take it . Don't forget to rate. Nomally,I don't believe in vampires. But who cares. So friends ! Sorry,I am a little talkative. Ooppsy 218 words! Nevermind! Lets start ~

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. Firstly,read the paragraphes
  2. The answer is okie. Anyway,lets start. What's your fav time of a day?
  3. Do you have unusual pale skin. (it is kinda weird question)
  4. Do you like to be alone?
  5. Do people say that you look young then your age?
  6. Do you feel energetic in night than day?
  7. Do you feel tired in day more than night?
  8. Do you heal quicky from injury or cut?
  9. Do you get sick easily?
  10. Do you rarely get sick ?
  11. When you are watching a horror movie.. You?
  12. Do you hate sunlight?
  13. Can you hear wisphers from another room?
  14. Do people scared of you? (stupid question. Lol)

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Quiz topic: Am I a vampire ?