Are you a true poet?

There are various things which make a good,true poet. This quiz generalizes,but gives an idea of the quality's of a good poet win produces good,well rewritten poems

This quiz points out the quality's a good,true poet requires to produce good quality poems. Also,this quiz doesn't specify poems which do or do not rhyme,which can affect its quality.

Created by: Chloe
  1. Do you share your poetry with others?
  2. If you share your poetry with others,whether a lot or a little,do they think its...
  3. Are all your poem's similar? I.e. With common words and/or phrases
  4. Does a poem have to rhyme to be a good poem?
  5. When writing a poem,do you often cross lines out?
  6. When writing a poem,do you often change various words and phrases?
  7. Do you keep a regulary updated portfolio of your poetry?
  8. Would you ever consider approaching a publisher with your poetry?
  9. Do you need a quiz to tell you whether or not you are a true poet?
  10. Do you think your poetry is good?
  11. How often to you write poem's?
  12. How often to you write poem's?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true poet?