Are You A True Pineapple Lover

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sup. are you actaully a pineapple lover? are you? do you want to find out? if not WHY ARE YOU HERE!?! if so please carry on and enjoy this quiz!

this is some weird quiz about pineapples...i like might like pineapples....jfk loved pineapples...#8....hannah montana hates go for it! TAKE THE QUIZ ALREADY! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS! WEIRDO! TAKE MY FREAKIN QUIZ ALREADY!

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

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  1. Do you like Pineapples?
  2. whats the best part of a pineapple?
  3. why are pineapples so wonderful?
  4. pineapples are a fruit
  5. are they tropical?
  6. applepiecherrypielemonstrawberry blueberrymangococonutpineapple orangewatermelonbluesclues barneyuhadbetterpiknumbereight ----what was the best word in this paragraph
  7. why was lucy the pineapple never picked as homecoming queen?
  8. what was JFK's favorite fruit?
  9. what is Hannah Montana's favorite fruit?
  10. what is your favorite fruit?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Pineapple Lover