Are You a True New Jerseyan?

New Jersey has a bad rep. We blame Newark, Elizabeth, and Jersey Shore(the show, the actual shore is nice). But we're called the Garden State for a reason. Beautiful spots in the Appalachian(I think I spelled that wrong)Mountains, quaint little beach towns down the shore, and have you ever had NJ sweet corn? Or a NJ farm fresh plump, ripe tomato? And as for the urban side, we basically have the best(but not the worst)of both NYC and Philly. And Six Flags:It's clearly the best. Finally, nothing compares to NJ pride. That amazing feeling of anger and pride when we're mocked. That Yankees v.s. Mets argument that will always end badly. The unequivocal rage when someone says "Joyzee".

So are you a true New Jerseyan? Do you have the spirit of that tiny, overpopulated, traffic filled, strangely wonderful state? This quiz will tell you.

Created by: Lily

  1. When someone says "Joyzee", ____
  2. What is your reaction when you eat bagels outside of NJ/NYC?
  3. SPK?
  4. Are you Jewish, Indian, or Italian?
  5. Is New Jersey all highways?
  6. Are you in the mafia?
  7. Do you like Six Flags?
  8. So...yeah.
  9. Why even is there this stupid question minimum?
  10. Bai!☺️

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Quiz topic: Am I a True New Jerseyan?