Are you a true music fan?

*Awesome! Dragon candy music that's great I am happy for you and all that stuff great that you were into that type of stuff and it's cool because I will send you a music myself like 24/7 like you're so silly and amazing and all that stuff thanks for taking my clothes and that is amazing and hopefully you were being silly and all that stuff and hopefully will be amazing and all that stuff so hopefully you enjoyed my husband and all that so thanks for taking it anyways Anna*

*Wonderful! That was going to school I'll tell you when you look up some more things about it but don't worry though we still did pretty decent job you just need to look up some more things about it and that is fine but thanks for being so amazing thanks for taking the clothes and I know that you have a lot of practicing to do when it comes to looking up that type of stuff but hopefully you work fine with it and thanks for taking the clothes so yeah hopefully you enjoy it and hopefully visit this website again and please listen to me for your interview your artist thanks for taking the cruise*

Created by: Anna Vamila Mix

  1. What type of music do you like?
  2. Do you have some knowledge on music?
  3. What's the best decade in music?
  4. Which girl group in the U.S is more popular?
  5. How many copies of the Taylor Swift Lover CD?
  6. Do you think your a true fan of music?
  7. Witch female singer has the most followers on her social media accounts?
  8. Who's Emilee Estorya?
  9. What's the name of Little Miss upcoming album?
  10. Witch kpop male group is the most popular?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true music fan?