Are you a true mermaid ?

''There are only a few true mermaids on land, but even more on the water. Afterall mermaids are hard to see unless you are a man. Men are said to be the most magnectic attracters of mermaids''.

''Are YOU a true mermaid ? Do you have what it takes to be a true mermaid ? Until now you can only wonder. But thanks for taking this awesome quiz ! ''.

Created by: Kayla

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  1. Where is a mermaids fave under water hang out ?
  2. What is a mermaids fave thing to do ?
  3. If you were a mermaid, where is the main place you would sit ?
  4. How would you describe a sea jewel
  5. If you were a human, how would you describe shoes ?
  6. If you were a human, who is the main person you would flirt with ?
  7. How can you tell the difference between a mermaid and a siren ?
  8. If you had a mermaid power, what would it be ?
  9. If I were to tell you that your mom/dad was the king/queen of Atlantica, what would you say ?
  10. How would you describe a sea pearl ?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true mermaid ?