Are You a True Mermaid?

There are many mermaid lovers but a few true have to be determind to become a true mermaid yourself. so work hard if you take this quiz.

Are you a true mermaid do you tink you have what it takes? well find out with this cool and exciting quiz :) only nice comments please because im new to this its my first time on this website and its my first quiz thanx xx.

Created by: Caitlin of piczo
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  1. Do you belive in mermaids?
  2. How Many Mermaids Are Left?
  3. which mermaid movies or programmes have you watched?
  4. who is head of the mermaids
  5. which of these mermaids are real?
  6. True or False.All mermaids Are good?
  7. What is the maximum speed that a mermaid can do?
  8. True or false.All Mermaids can walk?
  9. How often do you think or talk about mermaids?
  10. what is the usual length of a baby mermaid?

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