What Mermaid Princess Are You???

Are You A Mermaid Princess??? This quiz can show you about anime manga and mostly Pichi pichi pitch. Mermaid melody is the greatest!!! buy it in bookstores!!!

Can You Pass My Test? All about mermaid princesses and love capability and friendship strength. Anime fans welcomed greatly i love you all!!! Create your own quiz at www.gotoquiz.com lol they rule!!!

Created by: Morgana-Purple Pearl Mermaid P
  1. Your meeting your friends for a shopping spree and they're late what do you think?
  2. Your Picking Out Bathing Suits For Your Annual Best Friends Trip To Hawaii, What Do You Pick?
  3. Favorite Day Of The Week?
  4. Favorite Fruit?
  5. Favorite Pet?
  6. How Much Do You Love Me? >.< :3 <3
  7. If I Died Tomorrow What Would You Say Now?
  8. What Ocean Would you Rule??? And No Those Who've Read Pichi Pichi Pitch mermaid Melody, Theses Do not Go With The Actual Princesses!!!
  9. Best Guy Personality (possible or not)
  10. Favorite Music?(mermaids love music!)

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Quiz topic: What Mermaid Princess am I???