Are You A True Marvel Universe Fan

If you were a 1970's - 1990's baby or child this quiz is for you.Not that this a quiz for old people its a also a 21 century Marvel type of quiz.Enjoy!

Are you the king of Marvel and know it all?Do you think that you know the basics?Well,this is not the basics or advanced its extreme.So it'll take only approximately 3 minutes to complete this quiz!

Created by: ShadowXBeatz

  1. Is there a real team/group called Dark Avengers
  2. Who is on the Future Foundation Team
  3. Who is Stan Lee
  4. What is Captin Ameriaca's real name
  5. How long has Captin America been serving his duty to protect Earth
  6. Name the real Marvel Characters and/or Character from the list below
  7. Which person is the person who invented Hulk
  8. Who are Spider Man's most common enimies
  9. What is one of Tony Starks real Iron Man invetion
  10. Who is Tony Starks Nemisis

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Marvel Universe Fan