Are You A True Hunter Princess?

There are many hunter princess wannabes out there. What is a hunter princess, after all? They are the hunter/jumper royalty... essentially a girl who is a bit of a snob, and rules the social aspect of horses with an iron fist.

Are you a hunter princess? Do you have the wealth, the designer fashions, the full-service grooms, and the nicest tack around? Do the other girls envy your material things? Do they fear you and your gossipy friends?

Created by: HalleysComet
  1. How much did your bridle cost?
  2. Do you attend a private or boarding school?
  3. What kind of car does your mum drive?
  4. Choose the saddle you own. (Or choose the closest match)
  5. Do you pay someone to ride or work your horse for you in between shows?
  6. Do you own a Jack Russel Terrier?
  7. Choose the amount of money you pay for boarding.
  8. What brand of breeches do you own?
  9. How much did your horse or pony cost?
  10. (Don't kill me for this) but what's your favorite color?
  11. Favorite music genre?
  12. You're at school, and some one bumps in to you, spilling your books. What do you do?
  13. Did you like the quiz??? I hope so!
  14. Rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Hunter Princess?