Are you a true High School Musical fan?

Sure, we've all seen the great High School Musical and loved every second of it. (At least the parts with Troy Bolton in them;) yet some people don't know a lot about the film.

Are you one of those people? Or are you an hsm fan all the way? Do you have the brain to complete this quiz? I know I do! I'm a true hsm fan!!! Now how about you?

Created by: Violette Novak

  1. What is Troy's nickname for Gabriella?
  2. How many songs does Kelsey write?
  3. How are Kelsey and Martha related?
  4. What is Martha's last name?
  5. What color is Troy's shirt when we first see him?
  6. What is Zeke's basketball number?
  7. What does Gabriella say the second equation should read in class?
  8. Whose picture did Chad's mom put in her refrigerator?
  9. What is the librarian's name?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true High School Musical fan?