Are you a true Green Day fan?

I think some people wonder if they're true fans of bands they like. Well this quiz will tell you if you're a true Green Day fan or not! How well can you score?

So, do you think you're a true fan? One of those people who deserves to be right at the front at a concert? Or are you one of those ones that likes them for the catchy tune? Looks like you'll soon find out!

Created by: Maria of this site
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  1. Who is Green Day's guitarist?
  2. Where did you get your Green Day albums/songs?
  3. Was Tre Cool Green Day's original drummer?
  4. What does 'Green Day' mean?
  5. Have you heard a Green Day song that isn't from American Idiot? (Don't lie)
  6. If you went to a Green Day concert and were going to hold up a banner, what would it say?
  7. Why do you like Green Day?
  8. Do you understand the meaning behind the lyrics and care for what they mean?
  9. Do you understand that even if you feel you're their No.1 fan, there are others that are No.1 fans too, even if there's not many?
  10. Does it matter how long you've liked them? (Unless you only discovered them a few days ago or something)
  11. Where are Green Day from?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Green Day fan?