Are You a True FNAF Fan?

There are many FNAF fans, but few are TRUE FNAF fans. If you are a real fan, you know a lot about this. This test will test you... obviously, on your FNAF knowledge.

Are YOU a true FNAF fan? Take this quiz to find out! This test will tell you what you need to know. If you ace this, you're an extreme fan of FNAF and congrats!

Created by: Aubrey
  1. Level 1: Name the 4 animatronics' names in FNAF 1.
  2. Level 1: What are the animatronics' names in FNAF 2?
  3. Level 2: What does Toy Chica lose when she leaves the stage?
  4. Level 2: In the second game, who was Foxy replaced by?
  5. Level 3: What event occurred in 1987? How would you know this?
  6. Level 3: What happens to Toy Bonnie's guitar in certain places?
  7. Level 3: In the first game, is Foxy's jaw broken/completely broken?
  8. Level 4: Which animatronic in the first game has a hand print on its face?
  9. Level 5: Which character appears in both games and his/her name is unclear?
  10. Level 5: Who is the voice for "Phone Guy"?
  11. Level 6: Is Golden Freddy an illusion in the first game?
  12. Level 6: Which animatronic has two jumpscares? (I am not telling you which game it's in)

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Quiz topic: Am I a True FNAF Fan?