Are you a true equestrian?

There are many smart people, some genius' and some who know nothing at all in this world. Well, what are you when it comes to equestrians? Well, you can find out now!

This quiz asks some questions about equestrians and at the end of this quiz, you'll get an IQ on equestrians! This is the best quiz that you can get on equine life. Enjoy!!!!

Created by: Alex
  1. What is the bit used for?
  2. What is the saddle used for?
  3. What are horse shoes used for?
  4. What does brushing a horse do?
  5. What does equestrian mean?
  6. What kind of horse has feathers?
  7. What do horses eat?
  8. What is the girth used for?
  9. What does an INSTRUCTor do?
  10. Is this a type of horse: Tennesse Walking Horse ??????????????????????????????

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Quiz topic: Am I a true equestrian?