ARe you a true DRAGON MASTER?

Some people can be interested in dragons, but not any old person can be a DRAGON MASTER. DRAGON MASTERs know tons about dragons and are worthy of meeting one.

Maybe -just maybe, mind you!- you might be a DRAGON MASTER yourself! You probably won't be, but just in case, TAKE THIS QUIZ TO SEE WHAT YOU RANK! Good luck!

Created by: Lilypool

  1. Do you believe in dragons?
  2. Do you think dragons are beastly creatures?
  3. Where do European Dragons live?
  4. Are dragons warm-blooded?
  5. Can dragons fly?
  6. Can all dragons breathe fire?
  7. How can dragons breathe fire?
  8. Which is the largest dragon?
  9. Where do Wyverns live?
  10. Do you study dragons for power?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true DRAGON MASTER?