Are you a true BLINK?

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DO NOT OWN THE IMAGE!!! This quiz was made during THE ALBUM Era, a short while after BLACKPINK: THE SHOW! Take this quiz to prove you are a BLINK. Hopefully, you'll get a lot of questions right.

These questions encompass things BLACKPINK has said on LIVE Countdowns, BLACKPINK's shows, and Interviews. You may not have seen these, so then you won't know the answer. Don't get thrown off by negative scores.

Created by: BLINK
  1. BLACKPINK debuted...
  2. They debuted with...
  3. Members real names?
  4. Who is the Unnie?
  5. And the Maknae?
  6. Jisoo's favorite English phrase?
  7. And where did she learn it?
  8. Jennie's birthday is on the ? of January
  9. What does ' Mai meets tang ka ' mean?
  10. On 24/365 with BLACKPINK, what was the answer to the questions on the racetrack?
  11. On the same show, BLACKPINK watched a Magic Show! The magician asked them to sign a card. How did they sign it?
  12. What is Lisa's favorite song in Square Up?
  13. What is Chaeyoung's favorite song in KILL THIS LOVE? On the LIVE Countdown, she mentioned 2 songs. One of them made her very emotional, and the other was her favorite. So be careful when answering.
  14. Jennie's dogs...
  15. Chaeyoung's Solo: Gone ( It's a b-side track though, at the time this quiz was made, it was not yet released ) was believed to be called ? when the teaser was released.
  16. Finish the Lyric: Won't clean my mess up...
  17. Finish the Lyric: W no L's covered W and Elle, and there's
  18. Finish the Lyric: All my diamonds they...
  19. Which MV includes a tank?
  20. Where does the word BLINK come from?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true BLINK?