are you a true belieber

There are many "beliebers",BUT there also lots of beliebers.what is a belieber? A belieber is a person who listens to justin biebers music,supports him no matter what and love hims.

Are you an actual belieber?DO you have everything it takes to be a belieber? Do you now everything about the one,the only JUSTIN BIEBER????Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: kathy
  1. when is his birthday
  2. what was justins and selenas ship name when they dated
  3. whats his fave color
  4. what album did he release in 2015
  5. when did he release his album in 2015
  6. what time was he born
  7. whats his moms first name
  8. whats his middle name
  9. who is his celebrity crush
  10. do you think you are a true belieber
  11. where was he born
  12. does he have any pets
  13. what was his pet monkeys name
  14. what are his pets names
  15. what is his favorite drink
  16. is he hot
  17. whats his fave food

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Quiz topic: Am I a true belieber