Are you a true Beatrice Miller fan?

Beatrice Miller is a pop-rock superstar who released her first album over the summer. You've probably heard of her. She was named by Radio Disney as 'Best New Female Artist'. She dyes her hair often, and keeps her own YouTube channel.

If you already knew all of this and more, then this quiz is the perfect opportunity to test the rest of your knowledge and find out if you're a true Beatrice Miller fan. If not, then take this chance to find out!

Created by: beamiller1fan

  1. How old is Bea?
  2. Who is she dating?
  3. Her favorite color?
  4. Her height?
  5. Bea is also known as a You-Tuber. Which of these subjects has she NOT made a video about?
  6. Which of these movies has Bea lent heer voice to?
  7. What singing show led to her big break?
  8. The Beatrice Miller fandom is called:
  9. What is the name of her first album?
  10. Her middle name?
  11. Birthday?
  12. Now on to the lyrics portion. Complete the verse by filling in the blanks from the song 'Young Blood'. 'We were making __________ Breaking rules and breaking free Questioning the ________ on the wall Coming from _______ ________, ________ as we're falling down Soaking in the ________ of it all'
  13. Complete the verse by filling in the lyrics from the song, 'Fire & Gold'. 'Like __ ________ whose scared of heights With a heart that's beating at the speed of ______ You've been waiting for this _______ all _____ _____'
  14. Match the lyrics to the song. 'I can remember A time when I was so afraid When even my shadow Wouldn't follow me So I'm picking up my sword To shatter all the pieces that I was before Cause I'm worth fighting for'
  15. Match the lyrics to the song. 'Does it make you feel good To make me feel small When you're pushing me down does it make you feel tall Pointing out my flaws 'cause you wanna erase 'em all Does it make you feel good to make me feel small'
  16. Congrats! You finished the quiz! How was it?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Beatrice Miller fan?