Are you a tomboy?

There are many girls in the world, but there are three categories of girls: tomboy, girl, and girlie-girl. Tomboys are girls who dress and also sort of act like guys. Girlie- girls are clothes-addicts and are usually the popular girls with the best fashion. Girls are just in between.

Which category do YOU belong to? Are YOU a tomboy? Or are you more of a girlie-girl or girl? Up until now you could only wonder. But now you can find out with this accurate test: "Are you a tomboy?"!

Created by: Kailey

  1. You're shopping at the mall and you pass by an entire isle of fashion labels! Your reaction is...
  2. Your aunt visits you all the way from across the world! She presents you with an adorable pink dress. Your response/reaction?
  3. Your closet is made mostly of...
  4. What sports do you play?
  5. How many sports do you play?
  6. You are planning a big party! Where is it, who are you going to invite, and what do you wear to it?
  7. You are walking along, looking for a good place to get some clothes. Which shop catches your eye?
  8. You are buying chips at Target and pass by an isle of all sorts of shirts from tanks to turtlenecks. What do you do?
  9. What is your motto about clothes?
  10. ___________ are a girl's best friend (fill in the blank).

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Quiz topic: Am I a tomboy?