Are you a Toilet Gurl?

As derogatory as it sounds, do not be offended if you happen to qualify as a Toilet Gurl, it's actually a compliment coming from the author of this quiz.

We dont want to give you too much of an idea as to what qualifies as a Toilet Gurl because we want to sort out the genuine Toilet Gurls from your usual breeds of trashy girls or worse.... bogans.

Created by: Jerry Munstermash
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  1. What usually occurs as you to decide what to wear?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time and effort on make up when you prepare to go out?
  3. Have you spent a lot of money on or do you have a lot of (incase you have a friend who can sort you out for cheap) tattoos and piercings?
  4. Do you spend a lot of time and effort to do your hair?
  5. What best describes where you shop for clothing?
  6. Which band is closest to your musical taste?
  7. In high school you were a-
  8. I'm most likely to find myself attracted to-
  9. What kind of footwear best suits your taste?
  10. Do you wear perfume?
  11. Are you artistic and expressive?
  12. I think you're just lovely! Would you like to come out to some avante garde theatre with me?
  13. Which Author would you be most likely to read?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Toilet Gurl?