Are you a therian (not 100% accurate

I hope you enjoy this quiz because I made it just for you p,ease no hate I try my best but it's not perfect please no hate🥰Xx it is just supposed to be fun

Not 100% accurate but I tried my best please do not be to cross if you don't like the answer it's just for fun made by Taylor #### please no hate it is just a quiz

Created by: Taylor
  1. Do you know about therians
  2. Have you ever felt a connection?
  3. What habitat
  4. Any shifts?
  5. Did you enjoy this?(no score points)
  6. Any last notes(no relation)
  7. How many stars?(no score relation)
  8. Would you like to be a therian
  9. Any therian qualities
  10. How long?

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Quiz topic: Am I a therian (not 100% accurate