Are you a team player? MW2 Quiz.

There are many Good team players. There are many bad? But which one are you? You can never find out without this quiz. Come on... You know you want to.

Are YOU a team player? Do YOU want to do this quiz? Well today you can find out my friend. You've heard pigs fly but now you've seen everything! Try it today!

Created by: Frankie

  1. What weapon do you like?
  2. Campaign, Special Ops or Matchmaking?
  3. Good guys or Bad guys?
  4. What level are you?
  5. Don't Play MW2?
  6. Do you wish there was split-screen?
  7. Theres 3 more questions after this.
  8. Do you play with a headset to warn your team?
  9. T-bag?
  10. Equipment?
  11. Do you think your a Team Player?

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Quiz topic: Am I a team player? MW2 Quiz.