Are you a super hero?

There are many people in the world who want to be super hero's. What is a super hero. A super hero is someone who has super powers and will save the day.

Are you a super hero? Find out on my quiz. You might have super powers and you might not even know it. For example, you might have strength. But thanks!

Created by: Abbey

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  1. When you play with a friend, do you play like your super hero's?
  2. Do you have super hero action figures? BE HONEST!!!
  3. Do you dream of being a super hero?
  4. Do you think you have super powers?
  5. Do you watch T.V shows that have super hero's in them?
  6. Pertend that you are a super hero. There are 2 people that are in trouble that you need to save. One is the person you like and the other person is another person you like. Who do you save?
  7. If you could have super powers, what kind of super powers would you have?
  8. What kind of monster would you want to fight?
  9. Do you have super hero strength?
  10. If you were a super hero, would you be a person or an animal?
  11. Do you wish you were a super hero?
  12. Thanks for taking my quiz! :D By

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Quiz topic: Am I a super hero?