are you a spy???

are you a spy can you do the hardest job in the world it is up to you past this point there will be no help you will be on your own if you ace it you will be shiped of to training ASAP.good luck

so you think you go what it takes come see but let me warn you once you have strted theres not turning back it's sinkor swim live or die world. so good luck and if i see you again it better be in a brown box because if i see aface twice that person does not leave this office

Created by: braden

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  1. if you re folowing someone what are you called
  2. if you sit and set you "bag" on a park bench then when you get up and walk away you leave the bag someone eles (another agent) comes with another bag exactly the same he leaves his and takes yours then you come back and take his and leave. what is that called
  3. if you see a car pull in to a parking lot at a mcdonalds the guy gets out and goes in but before he went inside you herd him taking on the phoone and he said he would nevertake the bo then looks roung and says package. is he
  4. james bond is A
  5. spy are used for??
  6. do you ever feel like you are being followed (you are)
  7. you exel in sneeking stealing and retreving things from behind enemy line
  8. what do you want to be(this will boost the class you choose up ^ points)
  9. do you want to be a spy
  10. if you become a spy what kind of gun do you want

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Quiz topic: Am I a spy???