Are you a snob?

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Unfortunately, snobs are everywhere in our society. Beware, though, of the crypto-snob. Sometimes snobs themselves may not know that they too are a member of this pernicious species.

Are you a snob? Do you like red wine? Or are you 'so not into that'? Or could you not give a continental? Find out where YOU fit into the great continuum of contempt...

Created by: Larissa

  1. Do you find 'Housos' funny?
  2. Do you wear tracksuit pants?
  3. What is caviar?
  4. Who is Graham Abbott?
  5. What do you do for fun?
  6. Who's your hero?
  7. You're walking down the street when a dishevelled-looking person calls out to you asking for help. You (a) Give them a hand -- it's your cousin Mick from Housos. (b) Question the validity of this question -- you wouldn't be caught dead in an area frequented by this despicable type of person. (c) Make sure none of your friends are around to see you with this questionable character, and then come to their aid.
  8. What's your neighbourhood like?
  9. At your funeral, how would you like to be remembered?
  10. Where do you do your grocery shopping?

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Quiz topic: Am I a snob?