Are YOU a slut?

there are many pretty girls out there. but which ones are a little under dressed, litterally. yes we are talking about those girs guys want to be with and some of us want to be. the particularly hoe-ish girls that always seem to be on the hunt for your man. are you one of them. take this quiz to find out.

so i ask you. Are YOU a slut? are your clothes just a bit to small? why are all thoes boys looking at you? if you want to know you have come to the right place my friend. step right up and discover the truth. your about to find out if your the school slut thanks to this great quiz.

Created by: Bailey

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  1. What would you wear to a carnival
  2. your pictures on myspace....
  3. a boy you just met greets you unexpectedly at an event yo are attending he then proceedes to ask you to go somewhere quiet you....
  4. how many times have you been asked to the office for dress code violation
  5. how many boy friends have you had this year
  6. have you ever cheated on a significant other in your life
  7. when you go out you are usually with
  8. PDA's are....
  9. your idea of fun
  10. finnally, why did you take this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a slut?