are you a REAL skater?

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simple are you a true skater well lets find out if u actually are a true skater good luck and keep skating no matter what answer u get thats all i have to say

well i think its absolutely redicuolous how they force u to do this thing when u know that no one is going to read it well i hoope u dont report me for doing this

Created by: jake

  1. First off, do you even skate
  2. Who invented the christ air?
  3. what is your best trick
  4. what got you into it?
  5. why do you skate?
  6. how often do you skate?
  7. skating is.....
  8. do you enjoy skating?
  9. whats your goal in skating?for now at least?
  10. last question are u a skater?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL skater?