Are you a real person?

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Take a test if you are a real human because of the things you now about series and movies or actors or more exactly what you like so nothing bad I now you are a person but yeah it’s fun you now!:) ;).

So just take this very fun test and I’ll be happy! So yeah be nice send it to people for helping me do your own quiz is this quiz good ? I don’t now I think it’s a little good but yeah bye!

Created by: Ebba Danielsson
  1. What is your favorite Movie?
  2. What is your favorite serie?
  3. Who is your favorite actor?
  4. Favorite character in teen wolf?
  5. Favorite villain in Teen wolf?
  6. What chapter in the Maze runner is the one we doesn’t talk about?
  7. Favorite Maxe runner character?
  8. What are you watching on?
  9. Do you watch interviews after you saw the movie/serie?
  10. Favorite ship in the maze runner?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real person?