are you a real mendesarmy?

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hey you there , you are just about to take the easiest SHAWN MENDES quiz ever made , and if you enjoyed this quiz then don't forget to send it to friends and family so they can check their fandom too!

how old is shawn ? how tall is shawn ? how many siblings does shawn have ? and how many songs does shawn have ? all of these are things anyone who calls himself a mendesarmy should know.

Created by: hagar

  1. what is Shawn's first album?
  2. when is Shawn born?
  3. choose the song this lyrics came from. "be my summer in a winter day, love"
  4. "Tried to fix me up but I'm not broken"
  5. "You deserve more than I can promise"
  6. "I'm not try'na start a fire, with this flame"
  7. how many tattoos does Shawnie have?
  8. how many albums does Shawnie have?
  9. what is the right order of Shawn's albums?
  10. Shawnie have a sister and a step-mother. true or false?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real mendesarmy?