Are You a Real Fan of The Sims 3?

The sims is a game created in 2000 by maxis and microsoft windows. Who knew so many people would play it? I love the sims and if you are taking the quiz you must like it too!

Are you a sims fan? Or are you just a player. Test yourself and get amazing results! JK :) Have a fun time taking my quiz and have a wonderful day today!

Created by: JOE

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are your sims traits usually?
  2. What are your sims favorites?
  3. Do your sims have a nice house?
  4. What does tsr stand for?
  5. What is mts?
  6. Your sims are:
  7. Your kids on the sims 3 are...
  8. Do you have custom content?
  9. How many games do you have?
  10. Last one: Did u like dis quiz? (no effect except for last one)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Real Fan of The Sims 3?