Are you a real blogger?

There are many good bloggers,but few bloggers can really blog.What is a blogger? A blogger is a person that know how to blog and if you know how to blog you might be the one.

Are you the one.Do you have the power to be the blogger. Do you know thing that other people does not know well we will just have to find out. Lets do this.

Created by: Ivann
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much comments do you leave on one blog?
  2. What kind of internet you have?
  3. What kind of blog do you have?
  4. What computer/laptop do you have?
  5. How many bloggers do you think there is at you blog space?
  6. Is it hard to blog on you website?
  7. Is there lots of technology?
  8. How many friends you have there on blogs?
  9. How many post do you post on one day?
  10. Does your Editor look after you and the other bloggers.

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Quiz topic: Am I a real blogger?