Are you a Profesional DiRtBiKeR???

How good of a dirtbiker are you? are you a master when it comes to 75mph down a 6inch thich trail with boulder the size of your head? can you race through a river with currents that could rip you from the seat of your dirtbike?

the world is filled with speed: vehicals, cars, motorized scooters, but can you come over the fear of going 75mph? can you tell who #4 is while whatching the U.S nationals, this quiz is all about dirtbiking, and will even have you thinking

Created by: justin

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  1. what is a rut?
  2. where is the rear brake?
  3. who is rickey charmical?
  4. what color are suzuki dirtbikes?
  5. what year did the CRF 150R get realesed
  6. what is district 36?
  7. what does OHV stand for?
  8. what number is the legendary ricky carmical?
  9. Where is the U.S naonals held?
  10. if this quiz was good, choose either numer: 1,2,3,4,5, or 6

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Quiz topic: Am I a Profesional DiRtBiKeR???