Are you a Potato?

think you're a potato? try this quiz to find out! you may or may not be worthy... but you should take this quiz anyway! some only scrape through with avocado level and others aren't so lucky. give it a shot, you may be surprised with your results.

good luck. I and my potato friends hope we will see you among our ranks as a true potato!remember to rate this quiz or comment down below to support all of the potatoes in this world.

Created by: Alaina Chase

  1. Did you grow up in the ground?
  2. Do you prefer being mashed or baked?
  3. Do you sometimes feel like a root vegetable?
  4. what type of potato are you?
  5. do you eat potatoes often? (French fries count)
  6. do you know any more potatoes? (other than yourself)
  7. do you want to be a potato?
  8. how come I never realized this before?
  9. Now that you have taken this quiz, do you fully except and embrace your inner potato?
  10. Rate it

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Quiz topic: Am I a Potato?