Are You A Pinkie Pie Expert?

Are YOU a true pink-member Pinkie Pie Pegasister/Brony/Fan? Take this quiz and find out! If you don't like MLP FiM I suggest you get out and do not complain!! :D

This Pinkie Pie Fan Quiz will determine if you know your Pinkie Pie knowledge. Will you pass? You're not, it's hard to tell, ha-ha! Just joking, try and see what you get!

Created by: Charisma

  1. What Song Did Pinkie Pie First Sing In Season One, Episode One?
  2. Who Is Pinkie Pie's Best Friend?
  3. What's Pinkie Pie's Pet's Name?
  4. Who Are Pinkie Pie's Guest In "Party of One"?
  5. Who Does Pinkie Pie Foal-Sit?
  6. What's Pinkie Pie's 'Weapon'?
  7. What's Pinkie Pie's Favorite Food?
  8. Pinkie Pie Sings Which Of The Following Songs?
  9. Pinkie Pulls Pranks With...(?)
  10. (Hardest One) What Is The Order Of Wonderbolts Pinkie Pie Sings In Her "Rapping History of the Wonderbolts"?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Pinkie Pie Expert?