are you a neutral?

(please note i am just talking about behaviour)some people are plain humans: predictable, regular. others are warewolves (makes things happen), vampires(sly, crafty, gets what they want),ghosts (kinda blend in nothing noticeable happens with them), zombies (oblivious to everything).but then rare people are neutrals. they understand everyone, can put up with anything, and trys to make everything perfect so that everybody is happy. neutrals are a mix of everything. i'm not saying that i'm a neutral but i do hang out with one (at least) of every personality type.

are you a neutral? are you the odd one of the bunch? keep in mind that neutrals can sometimes be unstable. so are you a neutral? your about to find out.

Created by: vhayes8886

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  1. which do you prefer?
  2. which do you like
  3. how is your social life?
  4. what would you rather do?
  5. describe yourself
  6. your catch phrase
  7. why are you doing this quiz?
  8. (last 3 don't count towards answer) did you like this quiz?
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Quiz topic: Am I a neutral?