Are You A Nasty Dancer?

There are many freaky dancers out in the world, but many are scared to show it. Freakiness is good for a lot of people to find that one soul mate. A freaky dancer is someone who just lets everything out when they dance such as popping their butt and doing the splits. Some use a pole!

Are YOU a freaky dancer? Do you have the gutts to take this quiz to reveal whether or not you are? Until you get enough balls you will never know. Thanks to this GREAT quiz you will know in about 5 minutes whether you are or not!

Created by: Danielle

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  1. Do you dance in front of the mirror in your room?
  2. Do you look at your butt when u dance?
  3. Do you grind on people when u dance?
  4. Do you end up doing the splits when u dance?
  5. Do you loose or tight pants or none at all?
  6. Do you have to take your shoes off?
  7. Do you like slow or fast music?
  8. While in a party do u just dance with whoever comes behind you?
  9. Do you be sweating when you finish dancing at the end of the night?
  10. Do you go home with money at the end of the night?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Nasty Dancer?