Are You A Motor City Madman?

So you think you know Detroit. Prove your love of the city on the river and show us how much of a Motor City Madman you really are. Quizers beware: You better know what you're talking about.

Take the quiz that proves you are a Motor City Madman on way or another. Show your friends, real or virtual, how proud you are of the Motor City! Take the quiz!

Created by: Gary
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  1. Who is the original Motor City Madman?
  2. Where do the burbs begin?
  3. "Pop" refers to -
  4. Where did the Tigers play?
  5. Where do you go cruising?
  6. Detroit is home to what famous sound?
  7. where is Canada?
  8. If you're getting a coney, what are doing?
  9. What is the RenCen?
  10. Where do you go for all of your favorite outdoor concerts?
  11. What happens every August?
  12. Where do the rich people live?
  13. What is Greenfield Village?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Motor City Madman?