Are You A Medicine Cat or A Warrior

This quiz is to see if you are a medicine or warrior cat if you haven't read the books you don't know what's going on and your an idiot you stupeedoh

Have you ever read warriors and thought " am I a warrior or a medicine cat?" We'll now you can find out with this one simple quiz so give it a try what's the worse that can happen

Created by: Keegan Schiller

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  1. Your enemy is in front of you on the ground what do you do?
  2. Do you want to have a mate and a family?
  3. What do you do to stop bleeding
  4. You need junipers to help a dying cat there are red berries and purple berries which do you use?
  5. Scourges decendents are at the lake you have one pinned down ready for a death blow where do you strike to kill him instantly
  6. What eases the swelling of bee stings
  7. What do death berries do
  8. The next questions don't effect your score
  9. Was this a good test
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Quiz topic: Am I A Medicine Cat or A Warrior