Are You A Meathead?

Many people believe that they may have what it takes to be a true "Meathead". For those unfamiliar with the subject, a "Meathead" Can be defined as someone who as dedicated his/her life to the pursuit of physical elitism by way of excess size, definition and symmetry.

Are you a "Meathead"? Do your friends accuse you of working out too much? Does your doctor accuse you of not working out enough? Take this simple quiz and find out how elite a lifter or how much of a slacker you truly are.

Created by: Chris
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  1. How often do you go to the gym?
  2. How much sugar should you eat after a workout?
  3. Define "Gear".
  4. What is a better source of protein?
  5. NO2 is a:
  6. How much do you shave?
  7. I most commonly do the following.
  8. I have stretch marks:
  9. The opposite sex finds me.
  10. The muscle that connects my biceps to my pectorals are called;
  11. Who won the 2006 Mr. Olympia
  12. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a(n);
  13. How many meals a day should you eat?
  14. Do you look better with cloths on or off?
  15. Do you have trouble find pants that fit?
  16. After sex I...

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Quiz topic: Am I A Meathead?