Are you a mean person or a nice person?

Hello, everyone! How are you today? Have you ever wondered how nice of a person you are? Are you a sweet, caring angel, or are you a mean-spirited devil? Or are you in between like most people?

Please feel free to take this quiz to find out, if you are curious. It will show you how nice of a person you are by percentage. Also remember to comment once you finish. Enjoy!

Created by: I Wish You The Best
  1. Someone comes up to your car and asks you for directions. What would you do?
  2. A waiter at a restaurant accidentally drops food on you. What would you do?
  3. Someone parks behind you at a party, and you can't leave. What do you do?
  4. Your college acceptance letter arrives, but you are not aware. Your dad has it, and after three months you go into his room and see the letter. The deadline for it was 2 months ago, and he forgot about it. What would you do?
  5. You find out that your boyfriend / girlfriend secretly cheated on you. Would would you do?
  6. An employee at a drive through got your order wrong. What would you do?
  7. A new girl is hired at your work. She's a nasty b---- and insults everyone. One day, she blows up at you. What would you do?
  8. Your boyfriend / girlfriend recently gained 20 pounds and got quite fat. What would you say to them?
  9. If your little sister / brother goes into your room and steals all your money, what do you do when you find out?
  10. You find out that one of your closest friends has been using drugs and is in a gang. What would you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a mean person or a nice person?