Are you a loser?

Are you a loser? If you are i personally think you should get a make over. If you are awesome you are probably either a snotty brat or a nice awesome person. If youvare average dont be upset because to me average is the new awesome!

Hello, are you a loser? Well untill know you can only wonder. In just a few minutes you will find out if you are awesome, average, or a loser. I hope you enjoy your results.

Created by: kiana

  1. its a saterday.. who do u call to hang out?
  2. when your bored you...
  3. you are walikng in the school hallway, who u with
  4. do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  5. did u take this quiz because you think you are gonna be awesome
  6. do u think this quiz is a waste of time
  7. would you rather...
  8. are u self centered
  9. which comes first... family or shopping
  10. are u a b----

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Quiz topic: Am I a loser?