Are YOU a justin bieber lover?

A true justin bieber lover would love justin just th way he is. You would also hang up lots of jb pictiures in your bedroom. You would also take my quiz. That's wat a real justin bieber fan would do.

Are you a real jb fan? Prove it by taking this quiz and if you don't than that just shows that you aren't a true fan. Show me that you really lover him by taking my quiz!

Created by: sarena
  1. How much do you love justin?
  2. Does jb have a dog?
  3. Wats your eye color?
  4. Do you like this quiz?
  5. How often do you listen to justin biebers music?
  6. How old are u?
  7. Wats his favorite color
  8. Wats his moms name?
  9. What color is justins eyes
  10. Have you met him in person
  11. Did you have fun

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Quiz topic: Am I a justin bieber lover?