are you a half dragon

their are manny posers out their that say their something their not this quizz sorts out all the posers at least the ones that say their part dragon so dont be ignorant take this quizz

are YOU part dragon? are you desstned for grateness in the future? well thake this quizz to find out!i worked really hard on it so enjoy it or eat toast!!you must think im crazy thats true im in love with another half dragon like me if you dont think thats approtiet shove a frinchfry up your noze and sniff

Created by: arget smith
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you are faced with barney on tv you...
  2. someone is fighting you get in the way and they dont have time to redirect treir punch. they hit you on accedent you...
  3. your fave food
  4. i know its an overused question but...whats your fave color
  5. someone screames MOOCKIE you...
  6. i cant belive its not...
  7. have you taken a shower lately
  8. dont worry its almost over. in the mean time...wats your fave animal
  9. their is an art project at school the one that you are crushing on is working on it you...
  10. ok last one. you sleep best with with of the following

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