Are you a gym rat?

There are many great people out there. Some people that are great go to the gym every day. Some people call them gym rats. Takes this quiz to see if you are a gym rat.

Are you a gym rat? Well you should take this quiz to see if you are a gym rat or not. Thanks for taking this quiz. You will do great. Thanks. Thanks again.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Do you workout before school or work?
  2. Do you workout after school or work?
  3. Do you practice a lot on your own?
  4. Do you get better every day?
  5. Are you friends with everyone at the gym?
  6. Do you recognize everyone's face at the gym?
  7. Do you build your skills every day?
  8. How many days a week do you go to the gym?
  9. How many times a day do you work out?
  10. If you couldn't sleep at 2am would you go work out?

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Quiz topic: Am I a gym rat?